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Nashville Parks Foundation is Metro Parks’ partner in ensuring our city’s park system continues to thrive and grow.  With a countywide focus and an eye toward public funding gaps, Nashville Parks Foundation strives to maximize the public benefit of Nashville’s spectacular park system through creative collaboration and innovative partnerships.
Nashville’s parks are central to our identity as an active, sustainable, scenic, economically vibrant city. From vast natural areas to sports complexes, dog parks to trails, community centers to historic sites, after-school programs to fitness classes, arts events to kayak excursions, Metro Parks offers a wide range of places and experiences to enjoy.

Parks build community, promote public health, revitalize neighborhoods, function as green infrastructure to conserve and protect the environment, support the arts, and boost tourism.  Best of all, Metro Parks strives to provide the same high-quality services and access to everyone throughout Davidson County.  




Recreational activities supported by the
Nashville Parks Foundation include:


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Mr. Brian Taylor
President & Director

Ms. Christy Smith

Ms. Laurel Creech

Mr. Tim Netsch
Ex-Officio Director

Ms. Ivanetta Davis Samuels

Mr. Charlie Tygard

Ms. Tari Hughes

Ms. Monique Odom
Ex-Officio Metro Parks Director