As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Nashville Parks Foundation relies on the generosity and support of businesses, foundations and individuals like you to help enhance and expand recreational opportunities and preserve the character of Nashville's parks.



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Your generous donation goes to support the 178 parks and 27 (9 Regional and 18 Neighborhood) Community Centers, throughout Davidson County. Your gift will help ensure that Nashville parks are not only sustained, but will flourish into the future. 

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How Parks Benefit Nashville

Bicycling at Shelby Bottoms Nature Center

Nashville’s park system has a variety of impactful benefits on our community. Parks boost the economy by increasing property values and spurring the progress of new development. In addition, parks provide a place for community members to socialize and stay active by offering recreational activities, greenways, trails, dog parks and more! 

In addition, Nashville’s parks have various environmental benefits, such as reducing air and water pollution, keeping the city cooler and offering a less expensive way to manage stormwater runoff. Parks also make low-income areas more livable by providing a safe and nurturing environment for at-risk youth and have been linked to reduced crime and, in particular, juvenile delinquency. 

Nashville’s park system helps strengthen our community and makes our city and neighborhoods more attractive places to live and work. We invite all Nashvillians to join the effort in investing in parks, open spaces and greenways for all members of our community to enjoy.